The Auto Insurance Guide To Help You Find The Right Policy For Your Classic Car Restoration Project

If you are restoring a classic car, you are probably going to want insurance before you take it for a test drive. The type of policy that you get for your restoration project will depend on several factors. Different insurance policies will have stipulations, such as the amount of annual mileage or modifications. The following insurance guide will help you choose the right type of policy for your classic car restoration:

1. Full Coverage Insurance for Classic Car Restorations That You Drive Daily

When your classic car restoration is going to be a daily driver, you will need good insurance coverage. In many cases, minimal coverage may be the right policy, but you will probably want more than just a liability policy. Talk with your insurance agent about options for full coverage if you plan on driving your classic car daily.

2. Asking Your Insurance Agent About Extra Coverage for Valuable Classic Cars

You may also want to ask your insurance agent about extra coverage for your classic car if it is rare and valuable. Before you get the insurance policy, you will want to get the car appraised. It is usually best to do the appraisal after the restorations are complete, and then, get an insurance policy that covers replacing the car if it is ever in an accident.

3. Antique Classic Car Insurance Policies That Cover Risks and Damage for Minimal Driving

Antique car insurance policies give you special coverage for your classic car. This type of policy is usually good for cars that are only driven to car shows or are occasionally driven on the weekend. You will want to talk to your insurance agent about the mileage limits if you get this type of insurance policy.

4. Special Considerations for Classic Car Restorations with Modifications and Insurance Needs

There may also be special considerations if you are insuring a car that has been modified. This can include things like changes to the original equipment or a car that you have modified and plan on racing. You will want to make sure that your insurance policy covers any modifications that you have done to your classic car.

These are some of the options you have when looking for an insurance policy for your classic car restoration project. To learn more about auto insurance coverage for your vehicles, contact an auto insurance company or agent in your area.

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