Reasons To Get SR22 Insurance Coverage From A Reputable Insurer

After incurring a certain number of traffic or criminal infractions while driving, you might be liable for providing proof of your auto insurance to the state each month. Without providing this proof, you could have your license to drive suspended and your driving privileges revoked.

To ensure that you can provide this proof, you need to secure it from a company that can issue it for you. You can take advantage of what buying SR22 insurance coverage can offer to drivers in your legal predicament.

Prompt Coverage Each Month

The state may require that you provide proof of this coverage by the first of every month. If your certificate is not on file by the end of business on the first day of the month, the court may order that your driving privileges be revoked and your license suspended.

An unreliable insurer might fail to issue this certificate before the first and make sure that the court receives it electronically or by certified mail by the first of the month. It could cause you to get into even more legal trouble with the municipal judge that ordered the issuance of this proof of insurance.

However, when you buy SR22 insurance coverage from a reputable insurer, you can have reasonable assurance that the proof of insurance will be sent to the court on or before the first. You avoid having to call the insurer to ask that the proof be sent immediately. You also avoid the fear of getting into even more legal trouble with the judge assigned to your case. 

Legal Driving

When you get SR22 insurance coverage from a reputable insurer, you can also keep driving legally. Even if you are pulled over again, you can avoid the worry that the court does not have the current SR22 on file for you. Your driving privileges will not be suspended for not having this proof of coverage turned into the court on time.

You can continue to drive to and from school and work as needed each day. You avoid having to ask someone for a ride or relying on public transportation because your insurer failed to issue this proof of coverage to the court for you.

A reputable insurer can provide SR22 insurance coverage to you each month. It can ensure the court has proof of your policy on file each month so you can keep your driving privileges. 

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